About Us

Sorella Cavaliers is a collaberation by sisters Susan Savage Green and Donna Savage.  We were raised on a farm in Oregon and learned about conformation, style and breed type very early on in breeding Champion Arabian Horses, Suffolk Sheep, Yorkshire Hogs and Californian Rabbits. 
We began breeding Champion Old English Sheep Dogs in 1978, and this began the love affair with dogs.   We got our first Cavalier, a pet named Sophie, in 2006.  She was very unhealthy from the beginning and we ended up losing her when she was only 16 months old.  As a result, we are sticklers for health. We don't want anyone to go through what we went through.  

All dogs used in our breeding program are tested by board certified specialists for hearts and eyes annually, OFA certified for hips and patellas at the age of two and DNA tested for EFS and Curly Coat and Dry Eye. Our goal is to produce beautiful Cavaliers that exemplify the breed standard in their conformation and temperament.  We will never compromise health to accomplish this. We are committed to the future health of the breed and do as much research as possible with each breeding we undertake. Health is the most important thing in our breeding program.

We are proud to be members of the CKCSC,USA.  We are also members of Cavaliers of The West (COTW).
Our dogs are registered with both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of the United States (CKCSC,USA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC). These are the only repuatable registries, for Cavaliers, in the US.

Aside from showing, and occasionally breeding, our Cavaliers are first and foremost members of our family and live with us in our home. We know that relatively few of the dogs we breed will remain with us. That's why it is important to us that our dogs be healthy, long-lived and possess typical Cavalier temperaments, thereby helping to ensure they make good companions for their families. Thus overall health, longevity and proper temperament are equally as important to our breeding program as beauty and structure.